2006 - 2015 


August-September 2015 – Barcelona, (Spain)

Startup E-Commerce Analyst and Administrative Assistant (Spanish and Italian Markets)

I covered various tasks under the direct guidance of the company director.

Supporting inventory management, overseeing and controlling the ordering, storage and use of components of the company, overseeing and controlling of quantities of finished products for sale (tools:,,,,,

Actively involved in the analysis of customers’ history data in order to improve business relationships with customers and drive sales growth (tools: Excel, sellers side).

Post-sales support.


October 2010 – Vernazza, Cinque Terre (Italy)

One week interim, Technical assistant

My second experience in the production of an advertisement. The first where I was directly involved in the management of a TV commercial.

Surrounded by the producers, the director, the actors and the screenwriters I was able, for a brief period, to see a set through their eyes, and to understand their needs and objectives.

Viareggio Film Festival

2010 – Viareggio (Tuscany, Italy)

One month interim, Various tasks

Viareggio Europa Cinema is a film festival devoted entirely to new European films. I was part of the team organizing the event and judging the movies.


June 2007 – Monterosso, Cinque Terre (Italy)

Three days interim, Technical assistant

I worked as a technical assistant for the Sky team during the shooting of a commercial spot.

The first step towards a field that I would have felt passionate about later on: communication and information.

Premier Inn

June 2006 – Nottingham (England)

One month interim, Various tasks

I was one of 12 students selected for a scholarship that gave us the opportunity to study and work in Nottingham for a month.

Our daily routine began with a series of tourism and language studies related to our academic background. In the afternoon we attended courses of formation in different companies. We then put into practice what we learned under the careful guidance of experts in the field.

I had the chance to work at a Premier Inn hotel in the centre of Nottingham covering duties of every kind, such as maintenance, client reception, secretarial tasks, etc.

That was my first professional experience abroad. Hard, but very satisfying.